Friday, 13 March 2015

How to Signup for Flipkart Affiliate and Earn Money?

Flipkart is a leading Indian e-commerce website selling electronic gadgets, clothing, home furnishing, books, baby and kids clothing with attractive offers. Flipkart has made online shopping safe and easy. Flipkart ensures that every transaction from placing your order to its delivery smooth and hassle free.
Its Flipkart First Subscribers benefit from 
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Free In-a-day Delivery
  • Discounted Same Day Delivery 
  • Free Shipping on every Order with no Minimum Value
  • Exclusive Offers for the Subscribers
With these amazing offers and service, Flipkart is a leading e-commerce site where millions place orders. It has earned huge support from its services. 

I will show you how to register an account with Flipkart Affiliate Program to make money.

How Does Your Blog Benefit From Registering with Flipkart Affiliate Program?

On enrolling with Flipkart Affiliate Program, you can advertise and promote their products through your affiliate links to earn a commission if the product is sold through your affiliate link. 

Flipkart Affiliate Program offers attractive commission structure for its products on various categories

The Flipkart Affiliate Team is come out with smart affiliate links which enables visitors placing order through mobile application to go through referral link. 

The commission structure for referral payout varies each month, each new and exciting customer and between website and mobile which is available in your affiliate page. 

Procedure to Signup:
  1. Visit Flipkart Affiliate Signup. 
  2. Register with your mail id.
  3. On registering, it goes to a form which must be completed. You must fill your name, address, mail id, website information and payment information. PAN card and bank account details must be given. 
  4. On confirmation of your registration, you will get a mail to the registered mail id confirming your registration and how to get started with your product links from the affiliate team with your affiliate id. 
  5. Now, you can login to the Affiliate page and start generating codes for the products you wish to promote in your blog. Click affiliate tools and then select which category of tools suits you. I have selected Featured Deals Widget and then selected an deal "Get Code". Now, copy the code.
  6. Another easy way to generate affiliate link from your Flipkart Affiliate Home Page is using the tool. Paste any product link you want to feature in your web page here and click generate. The affiliate referral link is generated, it can also be shortened using the shorten button. 
  7. Paste the code in your webpage and save. Now the widget is active on your web page. When a visitor clicks on the deal/ad and places an order with flipkart, you will be eligible for a commission. 
  8. You can find the orders placed through your affiliate link in Reports--> Orders Report.
  9. Payment of the affiliate commission can be received either by EFT or Gift Voucher. For electronic fund transfer, Flipkart Affiliate Team emails you on receiving the minimum threshold value of Rs.1000 to fill and send the documents for affiliate program. The documents required are proof of PAN card, vendor form and cancelled cheque leaf of the bank details provided in the account registration. For Gift Voucher, the minimum value is Rs.250. 
  10. The Earnings Report under Reports shows you the amount earned through commission after tax and the mode of payment with date for reference. 
The more you promote, the more you earn through Flipkart Affiliate Program. 

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