Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Secret to Losing Weight with Breakfast!!!

The common quote we all know and that which we should always remember is to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper but I am sure most of us are doing the opposite way. I don't blame us but our hectic and busy schedules don't give us the enough time to eat a king breakfast which we do in the night watching sports or news.
But we should start the morning with a full, balanced and nutritious diet. As the day progresses we should start cutting down on carbs. This helps your metabolism to function actively and as a result you should have an energetic day and a sound sleep in the night without feeling full. The meal timing, amount and the frequency matter to have a sound body and mind.
Knowing all this I could not help myself with a good king like breakfast though I try my best to do that for my family. Morning activities are so chaotic with each family member doing their own routines, I had to prepare the breakfast and lunch for office. I should finish my yoga sessions in the class, then join my husband to purchase vegetables and run around to meet all the needs at home preparing and eating a rich king breakfast seemed impossible.

Basic principles of eating right in the morning:

  1. Eat a fruit/ dry fruits on waking up within 10 minutes. Do not consume Tea/Coffee. Wash the fruit and eat them whole without mashing them to a juice or by cutting to small pieces. 
  2. After an hour or two, eat a home cooked nutrient rich food like kichadi, toast, egg, idli or dosa with veggies. 
  3. Make sure the breakfast is complete with fruits, veggies and protein. 
  4. Dont ever skip your breakfast in the morning sue to rush or hurry as you will end up eating more junk later in the day.
  5. Drink water after 30 minutes of having your breakfast. 
  6. Eat your favourite dessert in the morning as a meal itself after 2 hours. Don't snack or eat food along with it. 
Eat More, Lose More!!!!

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  1. Absolutely agree,nice post. Thanks for the tips