Saturday, 11 July 2015

How to place Flipkart Affiliate Ads in your blogger blog?

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This post is about how to place the Flipkart ad's like offers or other products related to your niche blogging from your affiliate Id.

  1. Login or Signup into Flipkart Affiliate.
  2. Go to AFFILIATE TOOLS, drop down shows various options like Flipkart Offers Zone, Bestsellers Widget and many, choose the one which suits your blog page and niche. 
  3. I have selected FEATURED DEALS WIDGETS.
  4. Click on any one of the deal you wish to feature on your blog page. Click GET CODE.
  5. Select the code and then copy the code. Go to Blogger ---> Layout ---->Add a Gadget ----> HTML/Javascript. 

  6. Paste the copied code from Flipkart Affiliate page to the box and click on SAVE. Then SAVE ARRANGEMENT on LAYOUT. Then click on VIEW BLOG.
  7. Now you can view the Ad in your blogger page. 
  8. You are DONE. You can place as many ad's as you wish and customize your blogger page. When a visitor clicks on these ads and place an order with Flipkart, affiliate commission for the product will be generated to your account.
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