Friday, 13 March 2015

How to Signup for Foodie Blogroll and Earn Money

If you have a food blog, then Foodie Blogroll is one food publishing network to begin with as the requirements are less when compared to other advertising platforms and also offers a way to grow your food blog among its community members of food bloggers around the globe.

Requirements to join Foodie Blogroll
  1. The Foodie Blogroll widget must always be displayed in your blog.
  2. Atleast 75% of posts must be related to food.
  3. The blog must be 1 month old and with atleast 5 posts. 

Benefits of joining  Foodie Blogroll
  • Earn revenue by displaying ads in the blog. 
  • Gain exposure to your blog. The  Foodie Blogroll widget also features the blog name randomly through which your blog name will be displayed in the widget of every blogger on  Foodie Blogroll. 
  • Eligible to participate in contests and giveaways. 

Procedure to Signup:
  1. If your blog meets the Foodie Blogroll requirements, you can signup with them. 
  2. In signup the account details like name, email id should be submitted. 
  3. Email activation must be done after which you can login the Foodie Blogroll and add your blog. 
  4. After adding your blog, you must place the Foodie Blogroll widget in your blog page. After the Foodie Blogroll Team verifies it, your member status gets verified. 
  5. Verified blogs doesn't mean you are eligible to be publisher and run ads. Your blog must have traffic around 5000 per month minimum to be eligible. 
  6. Once your blog is eligible, in the Account, Click Apply To Be a Publisher. The blog name will be displayed for which you want to apply. Click and Apply.
  7. All publisher program submissions are reviewed individually, so you have to wait till you receive the email. Maximum of 10 days to know the status of your submission. 
  8. Once your account is approved, you can apply for the Premium Ads Program.
  9. After approval for the enrolment, you have to submit the TAL letter and get the comscore beacon verified. 
  10. Then using Ad Tags you can display ad's in your blog.
  11. Using the Publisher, Reports the site earnings, performance and payment history can be known fro any month.
  12. The payment is via PayPal. Register with the email id which is having paypal. Month on month the earnings will get deposited to your paypal account through which you can transfer to your bank account.
  13. Foodie Blogroll also has partner and referral programs from which you can apply and earn. 
To Know more about the Foodie Blogroll Publsiher Programe, Read Here.

It might seem more of waiting time to apply each level and get approved, but once you are all set and verified it is worth the time and earns revenue. 

If you have any queries, do leave a comment and I will get back to you. Don't forget to click "Notify Me" of follow up comments. 

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